“…all I could think of was: life. the good and the bad.”

Wild Abandon by dandy_fsj

More wonderful replies to the question: “What Inspires You?” from our Twitter friends…

DixieThorn: Hi! My Inspirations are: Nature, Art, Passion, & Random Acts of Kindness. 🙂

knitfemme: What inspires me is new people coming into my life doing really interesting things!

teresantoinette: hello 🙂 sorry for taking so long to reply to you. had to think about this, and all I could think of was: life. the good and the bad.

TyClement: What inspires me most is reality’s face revealing itself when least expected, and least sought after, like a spring flower peaking through.

yoga_kd: People honouring and loving their OWN best life, and not someone else’s version. 🙂 Thank you for asking me. I love powerful questions.

heartcorecorp: What inspires me? (Wonderful question.) Well, much inspires me…especially…when we humans forgive each other.

TrishasTravels: Just visited your blog – I’ll be back often – so inspiring! What inspires me? A sunset that seals the day with its amen!

Rulaborelli: I am inspired by so many things and people, mostly people. I feed off of people’s positive energy & passions, and life experiences. Magical.

MartinMReal: People and events in my life inspire me. Sometimes I inspire myself.

Sonja Clawson: laughter & nature

Vanessa Owen: Sunshine! – especially after the long cold winter we’ve just had…

Vijay Raghunathan: Definitely nature and its gifts.

Chadarat Singharuksa: Kindness and being shown the beauty and fragility in all things by friends such as you all!

think_peace: What inspires me is children

GeneManuel: Thank you for reaching out. I will share my story soon on your site. Every single moment inspires me to create my art. It’s a JOY!

Alkaline4life: It is inspiring to be able to Help someone with their health problems and change their lives..

FayazA: What inspires me? Any action, however small or big that makes other people’s dreams come true. In turn, they make mine come true 🙂

samrandall: Latin:: inspire? :: to infuse (breath, life, etc.) by breathing!

Natalia247: Love, love inspires me to grow, to be more than I can imagine, to create art. It always starts with love. It is who am…

Mysterylove: 🙂 What Inspires me?? Life,, Love,, Beauty,, Kindness,, Honesty,, Generosity

NikkiJo1221: Music, nature, kids, dancing, community, love, beauty, wisdom, adventure, meditation, the castle in Jamaica, and travel inspire me

regb232: Study, meditation @ Chopra center and Ashtanga yoga started me on the path of awareness..I appreciate your question Namaste!

Caitlin_liz: Music inspires me. Mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, prairies, deserts, and meadows inspire me.

Kuanyin: Inspiration comes from so many sources, but here’s a few: Nature, Spirit, humanity, art, meditation….

asiantees: What inspires me? – in a nutshell i guess- art and nature!

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Photo: Wild Abandon by dandy_fsj

Light on the Earth: Two Decades of Winning Images (Wildlife Photographer of the Year) From BBC Books

Light on the Earth: Two Decades of Winning Images (Wildlife Photographer of the Year)
From BBC Books

“Great” 4 stars
“Obviously, with a collection of the top photos from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, it’s got to be good. Many photographers who have been published in the BBC series are lesser-known, and sometimes one-hit-wonders. These images show why it takes more than a camera and a sponsor to create a stunning image. Gone are the static portraits and cluttered landscapes. These images are some of the best efforts from some of the best talents – not just showing nature, but conveying it with feeling.”

“exquisite images” 5 stars
“The images in Light on Earth are the best of the best from the BBC’s annual wildlife photography competition. Anyone can enter the contest, and the images that come out of it are amazing. The editorial staff have a knack for picking emotionally powerful, visually stunning images that weave together like a complex tapestry- to have the best of the images in one place is priceless.
I would also recommend checking out the actual competition, which can be viewed online, to see some of the ones that got away.” Amazon customer reviews

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