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Tiptoe through the daisies... by law_keven

Zen Moments asked our Twitter and Facebook friends: “What Inspires You?” – and had these wonderful replies…

RubenCHerrera: Silence, color, noise, breathing, reflecting, listening, observing, organic movement….these are some of that which inspires me.

Serene_Balance: What inspires me the most is my son, because he lives in the present moment and has nothing but love to give. What inspires you?

AntonPickard: Light: in all its forms – visible and invisible inspires me.

henryboo: love to see a dog riding in a car with his face out the window in the wind. dog always looks happy and makes me smile.

lauralanigan: Alan & Vanessa, you asked me “What inspires you?” Well, I am inspired by those that are making a positive contribution to our world…..

Ed_Young: As with most, my kids, my students, and 4 me, knowing myself through the medicine wheel. Thanks 4 being positive

rbrucecampbell: I am inspired by the mess we are making of the world. I am looking for a moral compass to help guide us forward. Also I am feeling mortal.

frombecca: inspired by everything big and small – travel cooking life friendship family work water sky

olivosartstudio: ~when I am suddenly intuitive and it helps others…

oversouled: Briefly, I’m inspired by two things: beauty and ideas. The first reassures. The second is like the sand in an oyster.

leebo1010: Love, (my) all children, beauty, kindness, talent, music, art,employees, all inspiring…the list is forever long and I hope it never ends.

idahoclimber: Nature and the beauty it holds inspires me. -cheers

creativechick: What inspires me is nature!!

Jeanremy: Hi there ! What inspires me : my wife, nephews and all my family. Learning, too. And music.

angelroman: For some reason…life inspires me. LOL.

celestg: Hi there…. Life inspires me…. 🙂

CSamurai: Various things inspire me. Nothing in particular. The ironies and idiosyncrasies of life.

Queenofall: My pleasure (in regard to your thank you AND in regard to what inspires me–one and the same, my pleasure). For the moment, my pleasure is the possibility that ordinary people will realize at last that they are, after all, extraordinary.

zenguy75: Knowing that my pets are happy inspires me – nothing like seeing a dog and a cat cuddling on the couch next to me!

ClutterFreeDiva: Inspiring others and helping them create more SPACE in their lives!

PositiveDoing: What inspires me? = Being able to make a real difference to peoples lives, that inspires me. Warm wishes Gareth

jolandabolt: hi! I’m inspired by thoughts and how they can change your world when you make them conscious 🙂 love your site!

HypnoticYogi: Life…and my daughter

lagresto: Hello Zen…People living their dreams, achieving their potential, soaring. Watching dreams come true based on intention…..Think Magic!

thatspeaker: great question. everything today…inspiration comes from the inside.

ZenTechMaster: Hi Alan & Vanessa – harmony and balance inspires me – those points where there are no regrets, haste,over excitement- just happy calm

Hanosandy: My heart and the energy that surrounds it, inspires me. You?

Compiled by Zen Moments from Twitter Followers’ and  Facebook Friends’ replies to the question: “What inspires you?”

Thanks to everyone who has their reply published here – It’s very much appreciated.
If you would like to have  your quote removed – please let us know via contact@nullzenmoments.org

Photo: Tiptoe through the daisies… by law_keven

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