Peter Donnelly Sand Artist - by Martyn from Flickr

“This is the beautiful moment. It’s symmetry, a symmetry . . .
It’s finished now, it’s born, it’s had its life, and it wants to go.”

“Here she comes now… the Gift is being received.

I love the kiss of the ocean – there’s no sadness to it.

It’s all joy – and the uprush of emotion can be fantastic…”

Peter Donnelly is a local artist from New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand.

He performs his unique art form by creating works of art in the sand under the pier in New Brighton.

He has just 4 hours to create his masterpiece before the incoming tide comes rolling in to take it away.

For the last ten years, New Zealand’s artist Peter Donnelly has practised his ephemeral art at the beach. “Many tourists and local residents can find Peter down at the beach, low tide, most Sundays working beside the New Brighton pier carving the sand”. “It’s a celebration, – he says – in a sacred way, sharing the process of creation. It’s good for putting something into large scale that is small inside yourself”. Sometimes people ask him about a drawing. ‘What is it?’ – they ask. And Peter says: “Sand”. from Impact Lab

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