“A tree, would be enough
Or even a rock…”

The Path to Peace Runs through the Heart by Andrew Zarrillo


…A tree, would be enough

Or even a rock, a small creek,

A bark shred in a pool.

Hill beyond hill, folded and twisted

Tough trees crammed

In thin stone fractures

A huge moon on it all, is too much.

The mind wanders…

Excerpt from Piute Creek by Gary Snyder

The Path to Peace Runs through the Heart

Created by Andrew Zarrillo

“I created this design on the creek bed of Big Austin Creek just steps from my vacation home.”

Location: Sequoia Beach Dreamery, Cazadero, California

together …

even the hardest can shape

peace in our hearts…

Photograph and haiku kindly contributed to Zen Moments by the artist.

Andrew is a writer/editor and landscape designer living in Santa Rosa, California.

He writes: “I love being at the creek, especially during and after a rain storm. Each storm changes the contours of the creek bed and leaves its own unique signature — until the next storm.  Such is nature’s power to shape the course of life — and me with it.  Each spring, after the last storm, using a shovel and rake, I leave my own signature on the creek bed in gratitude for its teaching of impermanence.”

Tamalpais Walking

Tamalpais Walking: Poetry, History, and Prints
By Tom Killion and Gary Snyder

“Cloud hidden Whereabouts unknown.” 5 stars

“How can this combination of people and place be anything but magnificent.
” If I ever have to get away from it all, and in the words of the Chinese poet, “wash all the wrongs of life from my pores”, there is simply nothing better than to climb out on a rock, and sit for hours with nothing in sight but the sea and sky.” Amazon Customer Reveiw

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