“The capacity of the human spirit to overcome against all odds…”

daisies Gänseblümchen von unten by matze_ott

More wonderful replies to the question: “What Inspires You?” from our Twitter and Facebook friends…

Allison Doyle: The moon, nature, my children, my dogs and many of the new people i’m meeting on facebook. what inspires you?

Katy Dawes: The sunset, sunrise, Friends, Family, my cats….so many things.

Jennifer Owen: watching the ocean move, the stillness before the day starts and conquering the hills

Vijay Raghunathan: doing a good deed, makes my day. I seek every opportunity to lend a helping hand to someone. Also, yes, nature and the weather also inspires a lot.

Dianne McConville Weiss: Making music for other people, smiles from strangers, the spark of connection when people open up and share something close to the heart, giving and receiving love

Kamini Gupta: The capacity of the human spirit to overcome against all odds, generosity and courage in the face of adversity, simple acts of kindness and the knowledge that one person can make a difference

sheila_libere: This morning it was the feel of rain on my face that inspired me. Made me feel alive, one can feel the energy in rain.

williamdoust: all kids in coasts of colombia feel the Zen moment of the rain during the monsoon season – we used to run in our shorts in rain

Dave RowleyThinkshake: always inspired by sharing a box of markers and a sheet of butchers paper with my 2 yr old son Finn.

Flemming Laugaardflaugaard: I’m inspired by the sound of a shadow, the move of the wind, the light of a soul…

sheila_libere: The little things in life that one person does for another, like hold a door, or help an elderly person load their groceries

Caitlin_liz:the written word!

asiaticlight: dance

15neontapir: I’m excited by elegance: simple, artful solutions to challenges. I’m inspired by the genuine: natural, beautiful, graceful.

JackHfromNJ: starting the day with meditation.

Ellerbe: People that achieve great things in spite of tragedy or circumstance

ellensv: the leaf pattern the barista made in the froth of my latte this morning

zak_bruun: People and music inspire me. Nature, water, bikes and mud-everything?

bpath047832: I was inspired to write my book “Moments of Forever” by a lifetime of experiences with good people.

rbastien: Observation is what inspires me, to see what others have succeeded in and to generate new ideas from it

Erin Eve: People and Pancakes ^_^

MysticKeith: exercise nature family friends love spirit meditation health

PolarB36: What inspires me? A sun rising at dawn, a child’s laughter, music that touches me deeply, creating beautiful artwork, the world around me.

ginabean1:…what inspires me?… natures beauty, honesty and genuineness 🙂

timnull: What inspired me (today)? Craftsmanship, creativity, clear thinking, & friendship.

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Photo: Gänseblümchen von unten (Daisy from beneath) by matze_ott

Blessings: Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life By Julia Cameron

Blessings: Prayers and Declarations for a Heartful Life
By Julia Cameron

‘Most of us have no idea of our real creative height. We are much more gifted than we know.’ ~ Julia Cameron

“Blessings” 5 stars “I love this book. It is very uplifting and gives me hope. Julia Cameron has such a way of putting words together. She paints pictures with words. Beautiful.”

“Good one!” 5 stars “A wonderful book with many wonderful “blessings” selections to read aloud and share. A friend uses this regularly before guided meditations. Selections are short and sweet.”

“perfect level of spirituality” 5 stars “This is JC at her best. This little book is not preachy but fresh in its approach on all angles of life, with easy reading in a pleasant format. I bought it for myself when I was going thru some tough emotional times several years ago, and still keep it around to read a page from here and there, just for perspective. More recently, I bought it for someone dear to me who has just gone thru a divorce. It’s uplifting and genuine in its gentle message.” Amazon customer reviews.

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