” I am still trying to figure that one out…”

Blue Sky by Frogzone1

More wonderful replies to the question: “What Inspires You?” from our Twitter and Facebook friends…

ZebranoBrazil:  U asked what Inspires you? Ummm, Love, Life, Art, definitely Art, the chance to experience new things, sensations, feelings…  Oooh & Ice-cream!

CollectiveThink: What inspires me: my children, art, music, nature, passion, learning, seeing

leonluke: My inspiration comes from water. Looking, feeling, hearing and tasting it.

Nickysme: Things that inspire me; nature, love, people, my dog, music, art, tiny critters, I could go on for hours!

zen2go: The way life’s beauty unfolds in the most perfect way for the soul’s journey; to progress, to learn, to grow with every breath I am given.

simplyberry: Hi What inspires me is when people really listen to one another and seek equality and are respectful of others unconditionally.

marlana2012: I am passionate about Energy Healing & Sharing Life’s Joy. Marlana

sedonapsychic: What inspires me is Love from the heart, that divine part within all of us, Best Wishes, Angel

divtwit: the sea, the ocean and a desire to clean it up

JulieYountJULES: music & good friends inspire me. How about you?

ninathewriter: What inspires me? I think I am still trying to figure that one out. But writing is my muse.

wordscryer: re: what inspires you? – Life, generally 🙂

ribbitrocks: art. good deeds. real people…inspire me, with great sense of purpose, like kids unaltered by too many adult rules….

BraveLad: The path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day. My heart longs for justice, love, and truth.

frankparker: Oh and my passion for my sites inspires me 🙂

achelR: Unfortunately, I don’t know what I am inspired by. I’m trying to learn who I am, I guess. Thanks for making me think!

JosephAnthony79: I think at this point I am just the pen on the hand of the universe. I find inspiration in every face I see. I feel deep love for all people.

Nextvoice247: standing back and watching a child or young person succeed and knowing I am fulfilling my mission here.

Ridwan Jaafar: Some positive quotes/stories/blogs & positive feedback for my actions are really inspiring & motivating… 🙂

modernguilt: Hi! As of right now the can of coconut water I’m drinking! It’s a small simple thing, but it’s definitely a zen moment all the same 🙂

rovermom: Hi Alan & Vanessa!:) Well, I’ve been evolving spiritually. It’s been leading to where & who & what & why in my life. Life inspires questions, which lead to answers, and back around again. The more I ask, the more I find. Here I am 🙂 I’m learning to listen and understand the different laws, like at attraction, and energy, and balance. Have a sweet day. 🙂

Devanicc: Hi 🙂 I find everybody’s thoughts and feelings interesting! Am learning to be grounded and breathe! Namaste xox

thatspeaker: … am inspired by you today!

tonysamara: What Inspires Me? The Beauty of Nature

timneale: 🙂 People inspire me and never cease to amaze me – we just raised £57m in the UK for children in the “Recession” – Touched me deeply Ur website is very inspiring too 🙂

paulnadrowski: What Inspires me?… people overcoming obstacles. Small ones, big ones, Doesn’t matter. Forward movement, progress, trust. That inspires me.

Compiled by Zen Moments from replies to the question: “What inspires You?” on  Twitter

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Photo: Blue Sky by Frogzone 1

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