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  1. I was going to leave a message
    When I saw this was a Zen site
    So I decided not to …

    The elephant in the park
    Met my eyes with her trunk
    Taking peanuts from my bucket

    The weight of the pigeon
    Rested upon its feathers
    Left in flight

    Rain lay upon the ice
    Met by wind
    From the ripples

    Under the sentence
    Was since no time
    And was no period

    I met my dream
    With tranquil ease
    I tapped my kitty on its knees
    To see the saw that shook the sure
    I soaked the sea in my manure
    To shake the stems of estimation
    Sent its river down the nation
    Down and down until the trend
    Where there is no look to end
    There no look would ever bend

    … I put to it a STOP


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